Tax Preparation

$150 Professional Tax Preparation

    No Catch, No Gimmick

Save yourself hundreds of dollars and get peace of mind with your taxes by allowing Administrative Success to prepare your personal or small-business taxes. Our commitment is to provide LOW COST tax returns with HIGH VALUE service. We only charge up to $150 for personal returns and if you have additional Schedules (D/E/F/Etc) or a small business Schedule C to include, it is only $100 more (per Sch-C/D/E/F*). We also include free eFiling & a free electronic backup of your return.

These fees for tax preparation also include $1,000,000 Tax Audit Defense and Identity Theft Restoration (regularly priced at $59.95)

Our office has over 20 years of experience in tax preparation as well as all the necessary education and training needed to be listed on the IRS RPO Preparer Directory as an Annual Filing Season Participant.

We are asked quite often: $150, seriously? YES, SERIOUSLY. Many tax preparation services charge a high fee because of national advertising, high building rents, employee wages, or simply because ‘others do, so they can’. The philosophy of our office is that just because one CAN, doesn’t mean they SHOULD. This applies to our other services too: bookkeeping, payroll, computer support, etc.

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Printed Tax Return: $10.00 per printed copy
(Returns will be hand delivered or mailed to the address on the return via certified mail with signature confirmation.)

Tax Prep Bookkeeping: $50.00 per hour
(As needed; 1 hour minimum)

Tax Prep Record Search/Retrieval: $25.00 per hour
(Applies if client is unable to obtain documents themselves and requests Administrative Success to search and retrieve.)

IRS/State Account Assistance (other than tax preparation:) $50.00 per hour
(This applies once it becomes necessary to obtain an IRS Form 8821 or similar. 1 hour minimum)

*This fee does not include any bookkeeping services needed to prepare the return. If taxpayer information is not gathered & compiled when presented to the tax preparer, additional fees may apply. Any fees will be discussed prior to return preparation.


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